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Grammies' Employee Profiles

Jose Frescas - POP

Jose Frescas

Owner - (POP)

Education and Experience: I graduated from Austin High School in El Paso in 1969 then attended the University of Texas at El Paso. I became a locomotive engineer for the Southern Pacific Railroad. I also owned and operated a construction business building custom homes. For 13 years, I coached youth football and youth basketball. In these years I developed a five team organization and became the regional commissioner; helping to develop, guide and mold the minds over 150 children through athletics and redirection. After 21 years of railroading and 15 years of construction I retired at the early age of 39. In retirement I became a grandfather and helped my wife watch the children at home. This inspired the opening of a home daycare which ran for four years. I then ventured into the ownership of Grammies Daycare and Learning Center which has now been successfully running for almost 2 years. Fun Facts: I enjoy music a great deal. I associate different times in my life with genres of music. I love to refurbish antique cars and collect model cars. I chose GDLC b/c… I am able to create a family owned and operated business. I am now able to provide an everlasting service to young families and share my personal experiences as a father with those needing advice about raising children. Children are… our only hope for a better tomorrow. The children of today must be raised with strong values and respect for themselves and others. My personal philosophy on teaching is… My goal is to reach as many families and children as possible to show respect for themselves and love for their children.

Graciela Frescas - Owner

Graciela Frescas

Founder - Owner (Grammies)

Education and Experience: I graduated from Riverside High School in El Paso Texas. I was the 5th of 11 children and helped care for my younger siblings. I met and married my husband at the age of 21. We have now been married for 32 years. I helped raise his 4 year old son as my own and proceeded to have three more children. . I had the privilege to be a stay at home mother and was able to implement my own values into my children. I am a self taught book keeper and managed the finances and budgeting for 3 of my own companies. I also managed enrollment, fundraising and activity planning for youth football and youth basketball. I then became a grandmother and cared for my grandchildren at home which led me to license my home as a home child care center. Here, I provided child care for up to 12 children at one time. I maintained all guidelines for the state and the food program and became a very respected home child-care provider. The demand for my service led me to expand and open a child care and learning center, Grammies Daycare and Learning Center. Fun Facts: There are three things I love most most in life: my family, slot machines, and roller coasters, and not in that order. I chose GDLC b/c: it is my destiny to show my love for children and teach others the patience that I try to have with all children and people in general. Children are…butterflies. They are unique, pure, and beautiful. Every child has the potential to achieve great things by having a mentor who shows respect and unconditional love. My personal philosophy on teaching is… inspire by example. If you want to teach values and morals to children, live the example you wish to instill.

Nick Frescas - Director

Nick Frescas


Education and Experience: I attended St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Development. During my time in Austin, I worked as the Supervisor at The University of Texas Childcare Center. My passion for teaching and guiding children began here with these experiences. When I left Austin, I moved back to El Paso and became a Child Protective Services Investigator for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. This job was an eye opening experience. Working with children in this capacity made me want to show others that there is a certain way of treating people and children. With these ideas instilled, I now am the Director of Grammies Daycare and Learning Center and hope to make a difference in children’s developmental growth. Fun Facts: I love to spend time with my wife and child. I also love to take part in action sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, and motor cross. I chose GDLC b/c: I love working with my family. Having our own business and working with children is a dream come true. Children are….. some of the most precious things on this earth. Children are real and are honest. I feel that adults can learn a lot from children through their generosity and ability to be completely honest. My Personal philosophy on teaching is….. trust. A child has to trust the adult that is caring for them. Once this is established, teaching, instruction, and curriculum fall right into place.

Davina - Assitant Director

Divina Frescas-Buentello

Assitant Director

Education and Experience: I attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied Education and Child Development. I have many years of experience working directly with children. My experience began at 18 years of age, working as a child care provider at the University of Texas at Austin Student Child Care Center. I then became the lead pre-school teacher for a recognized NAEYC school. For four summers during college I was the Enrichment Coordinator for Summer Programs for the Austin Independent School District. My ability to communicate with children came naturally. All the experience gathered in child care, curriculum and activity planning gave me tremendous insight to what my lifetime goal would be. In my last year of college, I was married and had my first son. I moved back to El Paso start my family and raise my child. In the last couple of years, I have developed the curriculum and instruction system for Grammies Daycare along with aiding in the creation of the center as a whole. I am now the Assistant Director of Grammies Daycare and Learning Center and oversee the operation and quality of care for the center. Fun Facts…I have played the piano for almost 20 years and performed and competed all over the state. I was also a cheerleader since the age of 3 until my senior year in high school. I chose GDLC b/c …nothing beats working with my family. Not only can I rely on them to get the job done, but I have ultimate trust and respect for the people I work with. Children are …angels that walk the earth. I believe that adults should strive to achieve the innocents and creativity that comes naturally in children. My personal philosophy on teaching is … be honest and consistent. The more you can maintain these factors for children, the more effective you will be as a teacher and a guide.


Tobias L. Frescas

Office Manager

I was born on July 14, 1976 from Graciela and Jose Frescas. I was the second of three boys and one girl. I was raised in El Paso, and learned my values from my loving parents and family. For my prep-work, I went to Coronado High School. At CHS I participated in many extra curricular activities which helped me to be accepted to the University of New Mexico. During my studies at UNM, I met my future wife, Christina Castaneda. I graduated from UNM in 1999. I received my BA in Psychology, with a Minor in Communication. I was able to learn so much about parent and child interaction, as well as human development. I used this education to further my career as a service provider. In January 2000, I started my professional career by doing volunteer work for the El Paso County Juvenile Probation Department. At JPD, I worked with youth who had been adjudicated for crimes they committed. I was dedicate to helping the youth complete their probation stipulations, and learn other more productive ways of becoming good citizens. While I was volunteering at JPD, I networked with other agencies, including CPS. This was when I became interested in working with abused and neglected youth. On April 10, 2000, I was hired at CPS to work as in the Substitute Care Department. I worked with families to resolve any issues of abuse and neglect to ensure that the children’s needs were being met. I also worked in Adoptions, Investigations, and Family Reunifications. I worked in this department for six years. On May 3, 2003, I was Married to Christina C. Frescas. We now have a son (Tobias L. Frescas II). We have two dogs (Duke and Riley) and a Turtle (Myrtle). We love to watch “E.R”. and “Flip that House”, and love to relax at home with little Tobias.


Life at Grammies

The Grammies� philosophy is the strength and foundation that is apart from others. GDLC feels privileged to have the opportunity to shape, mold and influence young minds for a more positive and family-oriented lifestyle. GDLC will continue to serve families and children, upholding that the love and nurturing of children is the priority*.